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Android is the open source software it’s available for mobile telivijan refrigerators God many of electronic elements according to the usage of there’s also available for and its benefit integrated to Software Hardware its if you touch the button its integrate make function of that hardware or system that help of that software also work hardware of the system suppose the Android sets you can use make any application that application help you to lock your rooms door with you are using mobile applications which you just you download your App application in your mobile phone and you can lock your room doors death death application and when you want to unlock adjust you got that application on your mobile phone and just unlock that automatically its work and most popular the application which used for buses and other which unlock the engine of car and door of cars you can unlock with the help of that mobile applications is automatically close that app

Android applications

when we talk about Android applications there are many applications in Android run applications called a Android if there are many kinds of if it’s easy to use everyone can use Android as just have knowledge etiquette about programming and Java which help you to make application for your mobile according to your usage of and if you are Android developer you want to make applications for your customers you can easily make depending on requirement of your customers what kind of applications they want to Max suppose they want make applications for their kids like learning app tutorial at suppose this kind Excel you for that students want to learn some learning materials like alphabets are colors and some kind number these kinds of can help you to make Android tutorial is 24 is very useful and mostly the cat antenna using these kinds of and learning very useful and today in modern

how start Android apps development

there is many ways start development android apps countrymen is mostly learning with R with hand towards these help that for learning and new technologies help of this this technology is very useful according to use of Android app Android tutorial Android games and Android terminologies it help to students learn quickly fast and easy way to learn relations and be smart according to the requirements of their schools college and centre if we talk about the modern world like United State of America United State of kingdom Germany Australia Singapore China United State of rocks Saudi Arabia France Thailand Pakistan India these countries mostly of software developer and web developer like after starting in Android 880 the Android start new versions of Android decided that Android versions help you to Newtons new technologies and support new ways to learn the applications which help the students of be careful and your help and learning according to their requirement

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